Direct and proper market research for the products which you plan to import or export provides you to use your time correctly by not wasting your time and that’s what makes you one step ahead of your competitors. You can quickly contact us for the procedures described below.

1) Product Research / Factory Visits

Gurtrade’s mission is to research the product / products you requested from / to Turkey and Worldwide, making factory investigations and creating a cost report of the delivery to border gate, according to the customs legislation in Turkey or the customs legislation of the other selected country. To the customers whom we will give consultancy service for the first time, project cost of 500 USD will be charged.
Note: Project cost does not include sample and shipping costs. If you give order for the products after  the research is done, the price of the samples wil be deducted from the final total price.

2) Sample Product Supply

If the cost of the requested products are acceptable for you after the product research, Gurtrade supplies sample products according to your feedback. For the special conditions which products can not be sampled, factory visits and visitation reports will be given.

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