Advantage of XFT Compact size portable mini OED trainer
1.There is no high voltage capability, which ensures safety during training.
2.Complies with the latest guidelines and voice command
3.The device is small and easy to use.
4.The device has the function of sound broadcast and LED display

The device has audible prompts and LED indicator during the two-minute CPR pause period. (Sound Hint: 0.6 second interval beeps 200 times and light flashes as sound frequency.)

Model No      : XFT-D0009  mini AED trainer set
Power source : DC3.0V (2 * AAA battery)
Product size: 100*80*18mm
Language    : Turkish, English and other languages



Model                     : Gurtrade – XFT-120C  AED trainer kit
Product size          : 155*130*45mm
Power source        : DC 4.5 V/3 * AA pil
Remote control     : There is

1.Instructor is aligned with new guidelines from AHA2015 scenarios and operations.
2.The OED trainer is designed to prepare emergency responders to use real clinical AEDs.
3.Various simulations or training scripts,
4.Provides simulated shock delivery.
5.Each machine has 2 languages, Turkish and English,


The OED trainer is designed to prepare emergency responders to use real clinical AED.
This trainer provides various simulations or training script,
It allows respondents to demonstrate the basic skills necessary to help become familiar with the OED and to use the OED in an emergency.

Package included:

1 x OED main body 1 x Plug-in board 1 x remote control
2 x wire connectors 2 x adult pads 1 x children’s pads
1 x instrument manual 1x storage bag 1 x adapter
Zippered fabric carry bag.



OED Trainer (defibrillator with first aid assistance) ) XFT-120C +

OED trainer (Automatic External Defibrillator Trainer) The XFT-120C+ is designed for emergency personnel in the use of training before using the actual clinical AED. The training machine precisely simulates the scenario of clinical OED manual and procedures. The aim is to assist emergency personnel with clinical AED and to specialize in the use of basic operational skills of AED while providing first aid.


  • OED Trainer XFT-120C +, Fully compliant with 2010 AHA new guidelines and preconfigured with 10 training scenarios that simulate realistic cardiac arrest events.
  • OED trainer XFT-120C +, It is designed with a replaceable plug-in card that allows customization of the device by installing different languages ​​and scenarios (optional).
  • When guidelines change, customers only need a new add-on card to update scenarios.
  • It has 2 language support. It is in Turkish and English.
  • A metronome is added to the flashing lights as the unit counts down the 2 minutes for CPR.
  • Audio requests 100/110 compressions per minute to help instructors perform CPR properly.
  • Our OED trainer comes with DC and audio interfaces. The DC interface provides users with options to connect to mains adapter (DV 4.5V, 300mA) or use batteries. The audio output interface allows the user to connect external speakers, useful for instructors during teaching.
  • Five pairs of pads are included in the package. With adult or pediatric pad options.
  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic scenarios (selectable).
  • XFT OED trainers are used by training organizations around the world.
  • Zippered fabric carry bag.


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