It is designed to measure accurately, consistently and sensitively without touching your body. It offers a hygienic use with it’s non-contact measurement feature, suitable for the use of all family members from babies to adults.

Fast and Accurate Measurement

With its high technology, it has an ability to make precise and sensitive measurements in less than 1 second. It is enough to bring the thermometer closer to the forehead area, press the button and wait half a second, by it’s easy 3-step usage.

Thanks to it’s advanced screen, measurement results can be easily read at a glance. The screen, which can be easily read in the dark with its backlight feature, provides convenience in night use.

Özellikler        Specifications
Led renk sıcaklık derecesini uyarabilir

(Yeşil -Sarı – Kırmızı)

Led color can warn the temperature degree

(Green -Yellow – Red )

34 kayıt kaydedilebilir 34 records can be saved
Vücut sıcaklığı aralığı 32 ila 43 C (90 ila 109 F) Body temperature range 32 to 43 C (90 to 109 F)
Çalışma sıcaklığı 10 ila 40 C (50 ila 104 F) Operating temperature 10 to 40 C (50 to 104 F)
Hassasiyet + -0,3 C (0,6 F) Accuracy +-0.3 C (0.6 F)
Yüzey sıcaklığı aralığı 0 ila 100 C (32 ila 212 F) Surface temperature range 0 to 100 C (32 to 212 F)
Yüzey sıcaklığı hassasiyeti 1C (33,8 F) Surface temperature accuracy 1C (33.8 F)
Ölçüm mesafesi 5-8 cm (2in – 5.9in) Measuring distance 5-8 cm (2in – 5.9in)
Spektral yanıt 6-14um Spectral response 6-14um
Otomatik durdurma 7 saniye Automatic stop 7 second
Boyut 180 * 100 * 46 mm Size 180*100*46 mm
Ağırlık 160g Weight 160g

2 * 1.5V pil, manuel, siyah çanta ve kutusu


2*1.5V battery,manual,black bag and gift box


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