KN95 mask is capable of isolating smaller particles, with it’s narrow shape, it is not easy to leak air from the periphery and the filtration efficiency of particles can reach 95% in standard conditions.

When KN95 contamined by the things such as saliva, blood, tears and other body fluids, it must be replaced.

If the user feels any breathing resistance than before and it needs to be replaced.

If the mask is damaged and it must be replaced.

It is recommended to be replaced after using more than 4 times.

However, masks cannot be reused if people go to the hospital or make contacts with an infected person, or suspected of being infected.

4 Layers of Filter Function:

The first layer: Spunbond cloth which filters the micron dust.

The second layer: Filter for industrial pollutants such as automobile exhaust gas, second-hand smoke pollen allergies.

The third layer: Activated carbon clothing & micron dust filtering function.

The fourth layer: Density filter for smaller materials.

Product Name Specifications
Protective Face Mask ( Non-Medical ) KN95 Type: KN95 Mask
Color: White

(5 Layers)

1st layer: 50grams SSS non-woven

2nd layer: 25gms melt blown

3rd layer: 25gms melt blown

4th layer: 50gms ES fiilter airlaid non-woven

5th layer: 25gms SSS non-woven

Item Details
* Preserves heat and is waterproof

* Soft texture and comfortable wear

* PM 2.5 filtration with an efficiency rate up to 95%

Packing 10 pcs per bag, then packed in a box,100 boxes per carton
Executive Standard GB2626 – 2006 KN95
Product Class Qualified
Certificate Qualified
Product Class FDA CE Test report ISO


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