• Understanding customs legislation is crucial for importing products. Prior to importation, it’s essential to grasp the intricacies of customs legislation and consult with customs brokers to understand the specifics of the product and which tariff it falls under. Each product and product group entails different taxes, surveillance requirements, documentations, and anti-dumping applications. Familiarizing yourself with Turkey’s customs regulations will help avoid additional costs and potential complications.
  • Pricing is contingent upon quantity. Prices quoted for 10,000 units will differ from those quoted for 5,000, 1,000, or 100 units. When negotiating, expressing interest in smaller initial orders, such as a sample order, is advisable. This approach allows for better evaluation of product quality, production processes, shipping logistics, and customer feedback before committing to larger orders.
  • Set realistic target prices. Pursuing excessively low prices may lead to compromises in product quality or selection of inappropriate factories, resulting in wasted time and increased expenses. Providing detailed technical information about the products you intend to import demonstrates your expertise in the sector, encouraging factories and teams to take your inquiries more seriously.
  • Chinese companies typically operate on a made-to-order basis and may require lead time for production, sample shipments, customs clearance, and shipping. Effective time management is crucial to ensure smooth procurement processes.
  • Be cautious when sourcing products online or through intermediaries. The information provided on websites may not accurately reflect pricing, quality, or features. Verify the credibility and reliability of suppliers to mitigate risks associated with agent fraud, wholesaling, or virtual entities.
  • Exercise caution regarding consulting firms’ promises of contractual enforcement and sanctions. Collaborating with experienced professionals in the business sector can help mitigate financial risks associated with product sourcing and importation.
  • Base your decisions on thorough knowledge and consideration of all relevant factors. Relying solely on limited information may lead to unexpected financial losses. Take into account the advice and recommendations provided on our website to make informed decisions.

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