* Customs Legislation is the most important issue for the products to be imported. You should have control of the Customs Legislation and be sure to learn from the Customs Brokers about the product before import and from which tariff the product will enter. There are different tax, surveillance, document and anti-dumping applications for each product and product group. Turkey Customs to have your goods after customs legislation and make good your research problems, to avoid additional costs.

* In China, pricing is always done according to the quantity. The prices of the products given for 10,000 units and the prices of the products given for 5000 pieces – 1000 pieces – 100 pieces will be different. For example, when you find the price given for 5000 pieces suitable and then say “Let’s see the goods first, we will give 500 pieces in the first place, then we give 5000 pieces”, the company will make pricing from 500 pieces. The high quantity orders that you promised later are not taken seriously by Chinese companies, but the current amount and amount are important for the company. Instead, we recommend you to order a “sample order, ie low quantity order” in the first place. In this way, after you have a better foundation for the company, the quality of the product, the production time, the timing, the shipping process, the customs withdrawal processes, the reactions of your customers, the operation of the operation and other issues, you will be better prepared for your high quantity order.

* Your target prices should be realistic prices. With the idea of ​​costing the product even cheaper, “why it is necessary to change the size of it to more costs, to waste the time to go to the wrong product, to the wrong factory or stay, to waste time together. Factory information and our team are more serious about the issue.

* Your target prices should be realistic prices. With the idea of ​​costing the product even cheaper, “prices that you will actually say below the target prices you want” will cause us to turn to the wrong product, the wrong factory or quality, the mutual loss of time, and this will be reflected to you as more expenses. In addition to the technical information and details you will provide about the products you will import, you will demonstrate your dominance in the sector, and our factories and our team will take a more serious approach to the issue.

* Chinese companies generally do not work in stock. Your order will definitely have a production process, which begins with regard to payment. If you add product research, reciprocal sample shipments, customs clearance procedures and shipping processes to this, you should do your time well.

* The products you find on the websites may not reflect the truth in terms of price, quality, visuality and specified features. Also the company you find; agent, fraudster, wholesaler, ex-employee of the firm, virtual firm or person, etc. (this can be true for companies and individuals you find at fairs). The fact that the companies that need attention is real and reliable is also meeting the expectations in terms of the quality + production process + price + features of the product.

* It is a trick for other consulting firms to say “we contract, we enforce sanctions if the specified items are not followed.”

* While you can supply products at lower prices, if you do not go to the business section with professionals, the financial losses you may experience may be much higher than expected. Therefore, consider all the items we mentioned on our site. Your decisions do not go beyond the knowledge you have.

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