JMTTOP Medical And Protective Coverall Suit suitable for men and women.

Techical Features:

Made from unique fabric, comfortable and breathable

Prevents germs and infections

Waterproof  and dustproof

Individually packaged, safe and hygienic

Suitable for safety inspection in various places

It can be used for paint spraying operations, dust protection, cleaning, maintenance, medical and other industries.

The coverall provides full upper body coverage during laminating and grinding, keeping dust and chemicals off clothes and away from your skin.

The zipper front coat is lightweight and comfortable, fort his reason it eliminates common excuses for not wearing protective clothing.

It’s easy to dry, reflective, windproof and waterproof.




Color:  As shown in the picture

Size: Unisex

Material: SMS anti-stick antibacterial non-porous breathable material

Size:M (Reference height 160-170cm) / XL (Reference height 170-190cm)

Style: Siamese

Packing: Bag

Features: Waterproof, eliminates viruses, dust, etc.

No harm to the skin.

It compensate all  national standards.

It’s for single use only.


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