Product Price Searching : Gurtrade makes detailed product sourcing and price analyzes. Finds the best delivery shipment costs according to your destination. Gurtrade offers to find you new suppliers or contact with your current suppliers in the name of your company. We list the suppliers and analyze their advantages & disadvantages. After study all required information together, we can eliminate suppliers and prepare visiting schedule for qualified ones. Moreover we can help you to analyze shipping cost and it’s timetable. We aim to find right supplier with right pricing for better purchasing in Turkey, China and other Worldwide Markets with required standards and feasible cost analyzes.

Factory Visits : Regarding to sourcing reports, Gurtrade eliminates qualified factories and visit them to understand their capabilities. The advantage of visiting factories is important for confirming the qualified suppliers , checking their production capacity & ability, understand more about supplier’s products and giving right impression for them in order to get better price & conditions for long term cooperation. After visiting factories, detailed reports with supported pictures and videos will be showed in order to analyzing the finalize decision part with together. After all we can move forward to Sample requirement part.

Order Management and Quality Control : Order management starts with making a proper contract with right supplier. First step is to give right product information to the supplier and then giving the confirmation to the supplier. According to the production schedule,  every stage of production is checked and reported to the head office during the  factory visits  by our proffesional team members. At the end of production, inspection will be made to confirm whether products are produced with required standards or not. Depending on the product type, support can be also provided from international surveillance companies if necessary. Controls and reporting of technical products are carried out under the same team.

Shipping : During that process,  Gurtrade operation team controls packing quality, checks the required documents and if necessary updates /fixes  packings, and  then make the shipment.

Delivery : Sea & air transportations  and deliveries of your products can be done by  your company under the control of Gurtrade or it can directly be done by Gurtrade upon your request. At the end, delivery to warehouses in Turkey or other worldwide nations is provided.

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